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Census Coverage Survey Interviewer

Carlisle, Ceredigion, Hackney and Tower Hamlets

£14.44 p/h in London and £11.00 p/h in Carlisle and Ceredigion


Job Description

10 to 37 hours per week, Monday to Saturday variable hours between 9am and 8.30pm and Sundays and bank holidays between 10am and 4pm.

The census coverage survey (CCS)

The CCS will be the key source of data for assessing how well people and households were counted in the 2021 census. This is done by listing all properties in a selected area and then interviewing all the residents within those properties. It is run immediately after the census and the survey covers some of the census questions. The results of the survey are used to produce the census results.

Your role as CCS interviewer will involve two different stages. The first stage is property listing when you’ll travel around your designated area and record the addresses of every property within that area. For the rest of the operational period you’ll be contacting residents at each property to carry out interviews. 

You’ll record the outcome of each of your visits.  If residents are not available for interview you will need to keep returning to their address, varying the day and time of day to make contact.

CCS interviewers’ attitude and professionalism will be critical to maximising response and the overall success of the CCS. You’ll have to win the confidence and co-operation of the public to ensure as many people as possible take part in the CCS.

You’ll be part of a small local team of CCS interviewers and will report to your team manager regularly. You’ll work alone and outdoors for the majority of the time, working at least 60% of your hours in the evenings and at weekends.

You’ll receive training about CCS work, as well as ongoing support in your role.

 Main responsibilities

These will include:

  • Becoming familiar with the areas you are allocated
  • Travelling around your designated area, making a list of all properties within it
  • Attending each property in your area and carrying out a doorstep interview with occupants
  • Recording outcomes of your work, including responses to survey questions, on a mobile phone (or on paper if required)
  • Continuing to visit each address until you’ve made contact with the occupants
  • Posting materials at properties where you’re unable to make contact with the occupants
  • Engaging, reassuring and persuading people who are concerned or who do not want to participate in the survey
  • Responding helpfully to needs (for example, language and disability) presented by members of the public
  • Complying with relevant Office for National Statistics' health and safety policies and procedures
  • Ensuring confidentiality and security of census and CCS information, and public confidence in data security at all times
  • Keeping your manager informed on progress
  • Completing all work within the required timescales and to the required standards
  • Submitting your pay and expenses claims promptly, providing receipts where required
  • Participating in performance review activities with your team manager
  • Deputising or covering for colleagues if required
  • Attending a debrief session at the end of your work period and giving feedback about your experience of being a CCS interviewer

Essential skills and experience

 You’ll need to:

  • Have proficient written and verbal communication skills in English, and have the confidence to deal with the public and local community
  • Be well-organised and able to plan, and work within, specified timescales
  • Be confident working independently or as part of a team
  • Understand and accurately follow detailed written instructions
  • Write clearly and keep accurate records
  • Build a rapport with people, to reassure them and encourage them to take part in the survey
  • Act professionally in the face of challenging situations
  • Demonstrate self-motivation and resilience
  • Use a mobile phone to record visit and survey information, and use a digital map

Desirable qualities and skills

It’s also desirable for you to:

  • Be able to communicate in languages (including signing) in addition to English
  • Have knowledge of the area you’ll be working in

Main requirements

You’ll need to:

  • Undertake training as required to achieve the necessary competencies and skills for the role
  • Be available to attend an induction on the first day of your employment
  • Be available during the CCS operational period there will be leave restrictions during this time
  • Travel throughout your assigned area in order to complete your duties
  • Travel long distances
  • Use a mobile phone that can be linked to the internet
  • Commute from home to your work area in your own time and at your own expense (if you do not live within your work area)
  • Receive, check and securely store supplies
  • Be available from 18 November 2019 until 12 December 2019

For roles located in Ceredigion, you’ll need to hold a current full UK driving licence and have the use of a motor vehicle (insured for business use) for which you’ll be paid a mileage allowance. For roles in all other locations, this would be advantageous but is not a requirement.