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What roles are available?

The 2019 Rehearsal offers a wide range of temporary part-time and full-time job opportunities. These range from managerial positions to roles working in the field interacting with the public. Contract periods range from a couple of weeks to several months.


Please visit the site regularly to keep up to date regarding roles that are available and to apply.

Manager roles

Our managers are responsible for strategically planning and putting the people and infrastructure in place to ensure that the census runs smoothly in their area. You’ll need to be able to:

  • Closely lead a team of supervisors
  • Ensure all resources are utilised to achieve the best results and volume and time challenges are met head on.

These roles take vision, a strategic mindset and a proactive approach to making things happen.

Managerial roles are area operations manager, census coverage survey area manager and census engagement manager.

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Supervisor roles

Our supervisors take on an operational role in their assigned area, managing a team of officers to ensure they feel motivated, inspired and most of all, supported. To do these roles, you’ll need the ability to:

  • Understand all the roles within your team
  • Know the shift patterns of the team
  • Understand how to best pull people together
  • Make sure everyone is up to speed with the right technology in place.

For this you’ll need to be an organised motivator who can deal with issues as and when they arise to keep everything running smoothly.

Supervisor roles are census coverage survey team manager, community adviser, communal establishments co-ordinator and census co-ordinator (supervisor).

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Officer roles

Our officers are a crucial part of making it all happen. They visit properties in their assigned area, sometimes multiple times, to make sure people have completed the census. In the officer role, you’ll play an essential part in:

  • Helping households to complete their forms
  • Making people aware of why the census is important
  • Feeding back any changes that will inform our address register
  • And generally being the friendly public face of the census.

On the ground, you’ll be helping and meeting people from all walks of life as part of a close-knit and supportive team. So you’ll need to be a sociable people person who likes to get out and about.

Officer roles are area operations support, census coverage survey interviewer, census coverage survey area operations support, communal establishments officer and census officer.

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